MPI has an outstanding reputation with all services including property management in Budapest. Since we understand that our investors will need assistance in letting and management of property purchased in Budapest we stand up to meet this challenge.
We take the burden from our clients by offering our local knowledge and expertise.


In order to maintain a high level of service at MPI we have formed a strong affiliation with the most efficient and well respected furnishing companies in Budapest, Hungary.
The design we offer can be based on almost any budget price, be it high or low. We can also put together a specific design we recommend for a particular type and style of apartment.


MPI can furnish your property according to your wishes. Work is done on the basis of an agreed budget and timeplan. After meeting with MPI, we can establish your personal preferences: essential, as we need to understand the atmosphere you want to create in your home. Our goal is to create your dream apartment! MPI have 20 years’ of experience here; we know how to get the right materials, brands, suppliers and craftsmen. These are essential in delivering your desired home.